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How are pre-paid apps an integral part of the online business system?

Would you have sat in a random car with a stranger on an unknown route a few years ago, sharing your phone number and home address?
This would be insane!

Well, surprisingly it became easier for commuters to book a cab on online cab booking platforms with time. People were still concerned about the security features that these applications offer. Due to continuously increasing digital expansion, every business is drastically putting in efforts to grow their businesses on onlanatforms. This expansion has led to the development of various mobile applications each year. These mobile applications offer quick and easy services to their targeted audience to excel in their niche.
The services offered on these platforms can be:
The services can be availed without any monetary investments.
Pre paid –
The services where a sum of money is paid before using the application to access its features.
The services where you generally receive a bill or amount of the payment that is paid after using the services.

How are pre-paid apps beneficial for customers?
Pre-paid apps offer several benefits to their customers who are primary participants in driving more and more business for them. It is a beneficial factor in online cab booking businesses for both the rider and drivers. It allows the drivers to securely book cheap bike rides and cheap car rides, deciding their fair share of the commission.
For example,
Happy Ride is an online cab booking service that offers an instant 5000 bonus points for its drivers when they sign up on the application.
This amount will be in the driver’s wallet, which can use while using the services on the mobile application.
On completing a ride, the rider will pay using his/her preferred payment methods i.e. cash, UPI, phone pay, etc.
The rider directly pays the driver, however, we redeem the amount from the bonus point in his wallet and not from the direct payment method.
Pre-paid feature on the application is a boon in several ways:
It allows the drivers to choose their commission rates. Thus, providing fair opportunities.
It offers unlimited validity for the bonus points and the drivers can use them at their convenience.
No overdue payments shall be deducted from a driver’s wallet without his consent.
Hence, pre-paid apps serve as reversible investments for customers who wish to make more profit in the longer run. We offer wallet recharges as low as ₹100 for drivers to explore the application and work as per their requirements.

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