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Happy Ride: We prioritize your safety first

Would you have sat in a random car with a stranger on an unknown route a few years ago, sharing your phone number and home address?
This would be insane!
Well, surprisingly it became easier for commuters to book a cab on online cab booking platforms with time. People were still concerned about the security features that these applications offer.

How can you use Happy Ride’s SOS feature in case of an emergency?
Happy Ride is an online bike ride booking and car ride booking application that offers extraordinary services. We value our customers, hence we offer fair services and fares to both our riders and drivers.
We prioritize our customer’s safety before anything else. Our SOS feature is available on the app for all our Happy Riders. We Offer:

  • 24/7 Customer Support System

We understand the need of being available in need of a panic situation at odd hours. Hence, Happy Ride offers

  • 24/7 customer service to all its customers.

Readily Available Emergency Contact
We ensure to have an emergency contact for every customer when you sign into the app. We use this contact as the first point of contact in any unfortunate situation.
GPS enabled Location Sharing
We understand your concern about your safety while traveling with a stranger. Hence, we ensure to track the location using GPS for safer travel. (sharing your current location with your family, friends, or relative.)
Online ride booking services are a boon today. It has made life easier for many regular commuters. With each year passing by, online ride booking companies are focusing more on the safety aspects of their applications. They understand the need of providing safe and secure services to their targeted audience.


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